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  • DetailHigh-performance Water Based Colorant for Dispenser

    Model:NV Series

    The NV series enviroment-friendly water based colorants are especially designed for the computer tinting system. With SUNMUN NV series colorant,color chart and tinting software, dispenser and spectrophotometer, you can get any color you favor.

  • DetailWater Based Colorant for Synthetic Leather

    Model:TSE LR Series

    It’s a non-resin, non-casein system, developed specifically for synthetic leather coloring. 1) The colorant is flowing good in cans, no sediment, easy to mix evenly and the accuracy between batches ≤ 1.0, 1/25 ST. 2) Excellent chemical stability, lightfastness, weatherability, acid and alkali resistance. 3) Good heat resistance, yellowing resistance, covering ,color migratory. 4) High color strength, Saturated chromaticity, colored films feel soft, no surface shrinkage. 5) No resin and casein, pure pigment grinding, drying alone without film. 6) Easily dispersed, DMF-resistance is good, commonly used in used in wet type base and leather finishing agents. 7) It is safe and environment-friendly and the content of Alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether (APEO), heavy metals and azo meet the requirements of laws and regulations.

  • DetailLe Coloring pigment pastes for textile printing and dyeing

    Model:TP Series

    The Le Coloring pigment pastes have been developed from 2010 and were specially for textile printing and dyeing.

  • DetailSunmun Solvent-based Colorant

    Model:TSE Series

    Sunmun TSE series solvent-based colorants can be widely applied to the areas of solvent-based industrial, architectural and decorative paint.

  • DetailHigh-performance Water Based Colorant for Paint Producing Line

    Model:NV Series

    The NV series water based colorants are especially designed for emulsion paint. There are enviroment-friendly pigment processing products with the advantages, like high content of pigment, strong color strenght, good color dispersion, without APEO and glycol, least VOC, etc..

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