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Learn About Latex Balloons
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 Learn About Latex Balloons

What are latex balloon made from?

A good quality latex balloon is made from pure latex which comes from rubber trees (Hevea tree). 
Where are latex balloon made?
Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka are major exporters of natural latex used to produce latex balloons, however balloons often manufactured outside these countries.  These countries along with other countries such as Mexico and China also manufacturer latex balloons, but a large portion of latex balloons are manufactured in the U.S. and some in Canada.
How large is the industry?
Manufacturing and marketing balloons is a multi-billion dollar business with the largest latex balloon manufacturer making over 1 billion latex balloons per year.
History of Latex Balloons
Latex balloons have become a fixture at birthday parties and celebrations. Modern balloons can be made from a number of materials, but latex continues to dominate the market. These joyful decorations have been made from latex rubber for more than 150 years.
First Latex Balloons

J.G. Ingram of London was the original maker of latex balloons in 1847. It was based on earlier balloons used for research by professor Michael Faraday. These new balloons, however, were not affected by weather like earlier rubber versions.
Use of Helium

Hydrogen was the original gas used to inflate balloons; however, hydrogen is extremely flammable and it was recommended that it be banned from use in balloons as early as 1914. Though helium has less lifting power, it is far safer and allows latex balloons to be used by anyone.
Mass Production

Balloons did not begin to be mass produced until the 1930s. Different shaped balloons and printed balloons also came into use, which began the use of balloons for advertising.
War and Balloons

World War II saw the development of other types of balloons, as the technology was used for military developments. Balloons were sometimes used as targets during weapons development.
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